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The Difference Between Affiliate Marketing And Network Marketing

If you’re in the “make money online” game you’re probably an affiliate marketer, or a network marketer (or maybe a combination of both). In this post I’m going to discuss what these are, which one is better, and what to look for when deciding which route to go. Click Here to Subscribe Making Money As…

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The Secret To Success In Network Marketing

What’s the SECRET to success in network marketing? People involved in network marketing often come to me wanting to know “The Secret”… And they are disappointed when I don’t bring out the magic hat and start pulling out all of the tricks for them. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have all…

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Internet Marketing 101 – Lead Generation, Building An Email List, & Email Autoresponders

I’m sure you’ve experienced this at some point. You landed on a web page, filled out a form, and then were redirected to a “Thank You” page or some other page, and then also received an email (and maybe even a phone call) with additional information. Maybe you didn’t realize what was happening at the…

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Put Emphasis On A “Money Back Guarantee”

Help Your Clients/Customers/Prospects Make A Decision By Eliminating Risk When inviting (selling/sharing) be sure to not only mention, but to put an emphasis on a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Letting people know that there is ZERO risk will help them make a decision. Especially with a program like the 21 Day Fix. Someone can…

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Do Business Cards Matter? – 2 Better Options

Are you still handing out business cards?…How’s that working out for you? Business cards are “so 1997”, which happens to be the year that 70 million people hopped online and started using the internet. (And from there is spread like wildfire. Via Instead of handing out a business card, there a few better options…

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2015 Beachbody Coach Summit – HUGE Takeaway For Me

One HUGE takeaway from the 2015 Beachbody Coach Summit for me… Seeing the number of Beachbody Coaches that are “CRUSHING IT”… During Summit there was a lot time devoted towards recognition. Probably close to 4 or 5 hours worth. Star Diamonds, Success Club Legends and All Stars, Elite, Premier, etc… (I was personally recognized as…

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How I Automate My Email Follow Ups – Saves Time And Work

Earlier today I was out to lunch with a friend. After finishing my “Fajita Trio” I sat back to have a sip of my beer (Dogfish Head 60 min) and reached for my phone to see what all of the beeps and chirps it was making were about. (Sidenote: One of things I’ve been trying…

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Using Content Marketing To Grow Your Network Marketing Business

Before I get into the “meat and potatoes” of this post, I want to preface it by emphasizing the fact that the easiest and quickest way to build your network marketing business will be by talking to people that you already know. This is important so I want to repeat it…The easiest and quickest way…

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Secret To Success In Network Marketing – Become An Implementer

I recently read a statistic that 95% of people that read books, don’t implement what they learn. I’m guilty of this myself. Having the knowledge, knowing what to do, but NOT doing it is useless. I can study “inviting” for weeks…but if I never actually talk to anyone, if I never “invite”…all the studying in…

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Attrition Can Kill Your Network Marketing Business

Attrition can kill your network marketing business…if you let it. Here’s what happens… You finally make a monthly autoship sale…3 months later…they cancel their order. Or you finally sponsor that new person that you’re certain will be the next rockstar…a few months later they become “inactive”….then a few months after that they cancel their account entirely. When…

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