How I Automate My Email Follow Ups – Saves Time And Work

Earlier today I was out to lunch with a friend. After finishing my “Fajita Trio” I sat back to have a sip of my beer (Dogfish Head 60 min) and reached for my phone to see what all of the beeps and chirps it was making were about.

(Sidenote: One of things I’ve been trying to do recently is look at my phone less. I don’t want to be one of those people constantly staring down at their phone. (Click Here To See What I Mean – 27 Powerful Images). Over the years it has become a habit to pull out the phone and look at it whenever I get a free moment, so it’s an ongoing battle but I’m making progress.)

Back to my story…

automated email follow

My Email Inbox

I pulled out my phone, checked my email, and noticed in within 30 minutes, 3 people opted in to my email list (filled out a form on one of my webpages.)

The image to the left is a screenshot from my email inbox and it is showing notifications I received from Aweber, which is the service I use to build my email list.

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3 people may not seem like much, but consider the scenario. While I was sitting outside eating fajitas and drinking a beer, 3 people landed on my website, filled out my form, and I generated 3 leads.

And this is something that happens around the clock for me. I’m probably in my home office getting some work done when it happens, but there are also times when I’m snowboarding, mountain biking, laying on the beach, spending time with my family, or even sleeping. The point is…leads are coming in, and it’s on autopilot.

“I’m leveraging technology and tools available to save me time and energy.”

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Automated Email Follow Up

Here’s where the magic happens. I’m not only using a form to capture my website visitor’s information, I’m also using an autoresponder that automatically sends out an email immediately after the person fills out my form. It’s instant follow up and it is automated.

So again, if I’m out to dinner with my family, or on vacation in Fiji sitting on the beach with my toes in the water, or just sleeping…if someone lands on my webpage and fills out my form, they are added to my email list and sent an immediate follow up email.

Additionally, I can pre-load the emails and schedule them to go out. I can load up 20 emails to go out every 3rd day, and I will have automated follow up completely hands free, for up to 2 months. (Longer if I want.)

Want to give it a try? Fill out the form below and see the magic happen!

The autoresponder I use is also part of Aweber’s service. Aweber has been the #1 tool I’ve used for building my online business.

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These tools are available to us all, it’s crazy not to utilize them.

Don’t Have A Website, Blog, Or Even A Webpage To Put A Form On?

If you want to start generating leads, building an email list, and using email marketing to grow your business (or simply make money online somehow) you’ll need a website or a webpage of some kind. Here’s what I recommend:

  • Start a blog (Tip – The purpose of your blog is NOT to make sales. The purpose is to generate leads by building an email list so you can follow up. Getting someone to fill out your form is easier than making a sale, and also more effective and profitable for you long term. Remember, your email list is an ASSET.)
  • Leadpages – This is an easy way to create professional looking pages quickly. Zero programming experience needed. One thing I like about Leadpages is that it’s mobile responsive. Their pages look great on computers, tables, and smart phones. (Here’s an example of a page I recently created with Leadpages –

Getting Traffic

This isn’t a “what came first, the chicken or egg?” type of scenario, which is how many people make it out to be. They say, “well I don’t have a website, and if I do I have very little or no traffic at all, so at this point I don’t need a way to capture leads or an autoresponder yet.”

My advice is to get set up NOW. Even if you don’t have traffic yet. Traffic will come as you create more content and learn strategies on how to get more traffic.

What’s important it to get set up now. If you set up a blog, or create a page using Leadpages, you can post that on social media sites, or even pay to run advertisements, and you WILL have traffic…TODAY!

So here is your action step to take to start generating leads and building an email list.

Action Step – Create a blog, or a lead capture page that you are able to put an Aweber form on.

Want some help? Have questions? Let me know, I’d be happy to walk you through it and provide you some consultation on how to get the best results. Click Here To Contact Me!

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