2015 Beachbody Coach Summit – HUGE Takeaway For Me

beachbody coach summit 2015

At The 2015 Beachbody Coach Summit In Nashville

One HUGE takeaway from the 2015 Beachbody Coach Summit for me…

Seeing the number of Beachbody Coaches that are “CRUSHING IT”…

During Summit there was a lot time devoted towards recognition. Probably close to 4 or 5 hours worth.

Star Diamonds, Success Club Legends and All Stars, Elite, Premier, etc…

(I was personally recognized as a Success Club 10 All Star. ) 🙂

The recognition was great (if you were one of the Coach’s being recognized – our brains thrive off the serotonin boost (see Simon Sinek’s presentation from the 1st general session at Summit…I’m sure it’s up on youtube, or here’s a very similar presentation from him – https://youtu.be/ReRcHdeUG9Y)).

However, I did hear a lot of Coaches complain that the recognition part was boring and time consuming…and I understand where they’re coming from.

For me, the recognition was HUGE. Seeing all of those Beachbody Coaches walk across stage. Seeing 5, 6, 7, 8 , 9, and 10 Star Coaches that are “CRUSHING” this business is proof of what’s possible.

One Beachbody Coach was recognized for achieving 15 Star Diamond in 3 separate business centers…(If you don’t know what that means, it’s like becoming a 15 Star Diamond 3 separate times starting from scratch….very hard to do….but proof that it can be done.)

We normally only hear about the top 5 or 10 Coaches in the network. After attending Summit and witnessing the recognition…the FACT is that hundreds, even thousands of Coaches are having great success. (Not just me.)

Seeing Coaches that got started just a few years ago, and have built a larger business than I have is inspiring and motivating to me. To some that comparison may be discouraging. To me, it’s proof of what is possible. It’s proof that not only those that “got in early” can have success. (And it’s a sign that I have to step up my game.)

Here’s what dangerous…by nature we have a cognitive bias. When we see others having more success than us, it’s normal to make rationalizations in our minds and think things like;

“She’s lucky because ____.”

“He knows more people than I do.”

“She’s a better communicator than I am.”

“He’s smarter than I am.”

“She’s better looking than I am.”

“He signed up before I did.”

And the list could go on and on and on…

These are things that pop in our head without even realizing it. It’s our brain’s way of making us feel more “comfortable”.

The dangerous thing is, those thoughts are normal to have…But they aren’t true.

(Important sidenote – When I first started out, I had all of those thoughts that I mentioned above and many more. I also had a huge list of reasons on why I couldn’t have the same type of success others were having…I needed to work on my thoughts…Our thoughts are very powerful and are a huge factor of our success.)

The lesson is…be aware of this and other cognitive biases (In total I think there are 25, if you’re interested, here is a list of the top 4 with some great examples – https://youtu.be/3Ux3pm6UfCo.)

If you find yourself having the thoughts I mentioned above while others are being recognized for their success…this is a cognitive bias at work. It’s your brain not serving you in an effective manner, and actually it’s preventing your own success.

By being aware of these cognitive biases, you’ll notice when they are happening and be able to put a stop to them.

The reality and truth is, if others are having success, then YOU can to!

Having a “if he/she can do it, then so can I” mindset is a key to success!

Don’t say, “he’s lucky”….but instead ask yourself the questions, “why not me…what’s stopping me?”


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