Do Business Cards Matter? – 2 Better Options

Are you still handing out business cards?…How’s that working out for you?

Business cards are “so 1997”, which happens to be the year that 70 million people hopped online and started using the internet. (And from there is spread like wildfire. Via

Instead of handing out a business card, there a few better options that I explain in the video below.

The concept is very simple. Why give someone your contact info, when you can get their’s?

I can’t remember where I heard or read this statistic, but it said that when you give someone your business card, there is only a 10% chance that they will ever contact you. When you can get the other person’s contact information, you can make your follow up rate 100%!

The small “tweaks” I explain in the video below can make a HUGE difference for you and your business:

Do you want to start capturing other people’s information on your phone through an App like I show in the video above?

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Instead Of Handing Out A Business Card

Instead of handing out your business card, try this move.

Pull out your business card as if you were going to give it to them, pause for a second and say, “you know what, why don’t you just give me your number and email address and I’ll send contact you/send you over some information?”

While saying this, pull out a pen and motion to start writing on the back of your own business card. Write do the other person’s information on the back of your business card, and then put it back in your pocket.


You now have someone that you can contact in the future and start to build a relationship with.

An Even Better Approach

Recently I’ve been using Aweber’s Atom App on my phone to collect people’s name and email address. (Click Here to try the app out for FREE)

What I say to the other person is pretty much the same as I mentioned above, but instead of writing the information down on the back of my business card, I type it into my phone. There are also times where I will hand my phone to the other person and tell them enter in their information.

Below is a screenshot of what the app looks like on my phone:

Do Business Cards Matter

Screenshot From Phone

As you can see from the screenshot above the form is very plain and super simple, which is what makes it effective.

What I love about the App is that it is tied to my email autoresponder (which I also use on my websites), so when I enter in someone’s information, that are added to my email list and an automated pre-written email goes out to them instantly.

In addition to the first email, they are also sent a series of email that I have pre-written and set to go out on a predetermined schedule. Once I have their information, I can follow up with them indefinitely through my autoresponder service. Either through pre-written scheduled emails, or real time emails that I broadcast to the entire list.

Can you see how this can be powerful?

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If you have questions or would like my help getting set up, shoot me over an email by clicking here, I’d be happy to help you.

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