money back guarantee

Put Emphasis On A “Money Back Guarantee”

Help Your Clients/Customers/Prospects Make A Decision By Eliminating Risk

When inviting (selling/sharing) be sure to not only mention, but to put an emphasis on a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Letting people know that there is ZERO risk will help them make a decision.

Especially with a program like the 21 Day Fix.

Someone can “TRIAL” the COMPLETE program and Shakeology…and if they aren’t happy with their results, send everything back (even an empty bag of Shakeology) and get a full refund no questions asked, no games to play, no hoops to jump through.

Here’s an example post I saw another Coach make on Instagram (the image was a picture of her face with the words “Will You Join Me?” written on it).

“Join me in my next 3 week fitness group!

You’ll get support, motivation, accountability, and AMAZING results!

AND the best part is… can TRIAL this program and Shakeology for the entire 3 weeks, if you’re not happy you get a FULL refund on everything!!!

Even the empty bag of Shakeology!

Why would you NOT try it? And if you love it, I promise it will change your life and be totally worth every penny invested!

I am only accepting 5 more people into this next group! Invest in your health. Make your gift to yourself to be healthier, happier and more energetic!

Message me or comment below if you want to trial it with us!”

Feel free to borrow this or edit it to make it your own…The main point is, let people know there’s NO RISK and they can get a refund if they are not happy.

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