Time Does Not Equal Money

Time Does Not Equal MoneyMany people think that TIME = MONEY…

If you make $20/hr, you work a hour, and get paid $20…it seems logical to say that “time is money”, right?

This is NOT true.

Time is actually MORE valuable than money…much more.

Once you’ve spent a hour doing something, that hour is GONE…

Gone forever.

You can’t get it back.

Unused hours don’t carryover to the next day.

Money easily comes and goes. You make some, you spend some, you make more.

The point I’m trying to making is…TIME is VALUABLE….Spend it wisely…

You get 86,400 seconds every day. No more, no less.

Imagine if you wake up every morning with $86,400 in your bank account and at the end of the night its gone whether you spend it or not and the next day you get another $86,400.

Wouldn’t you do everything in your power to spend it?

Of course you would, because you don’t want to leave anything there because it doesn’t carry over to the next day.

You would make the best of it.

Unfortunately most people aren’t just going to get handed $86,400 every single day, but what you do get is 86,400 seconds.

So why are you wasting it? Isn’t time more valuable than money?

You bet it is!

It doesn’t carry over to the next day, and it doesn’t earn interest.

Take every day and every moment and make something out of it.

Inspired by: Elvis De Leon

P.S. The key is to not only be working for money, but to also be working on something that can eventually provide you “Time-Freedom”…

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