How To Approach Your Warm Market (Friends And Family) About Joining Your MLM

mlm how to approach warm market

How Should I Approach My Warm Market?

When joining an MLM, the first thing we are asked to do is to make a list of every person that we know. I’ve found that most new distbutors are not willing to do this. There are many reasos why people don’t want to to this, it can just be awkward and people don’t want to try and push products on people that they know and potentially ruin friendships. I understand why people are hesitant to approach their warm market

What makes this even more difficult is that we all have a friend that we know would be awesome in MLM. We know they have what it takes and have the potential to be a top earner in any company, but for whatever reason, it is not for them. They don’t understand the business model and have no desire to learn about it. The are happy and content with where they are in life. As much as you want to, don’t keep pushing your MLM on them, it is nearly impossible to change someone’s mind. If someone isn’t hungry and motivated to work the business, they are destined for failure anyhow. And those are the type of people you are looking for and want to work with, those that want to make a change, are motivated, and will be coach-able and willing to learn.

Here is great way to approach your warm market and let them know about your new MLM business. It is important to contact everyone that you know and let them know what you are doing. The people on your list don’t need to buy anything from you, and don’t need to join your business, but they MUST know what your business is. The purpose is to get the people that you know, to refer you to the people that they know. This can be much more powerful and effective than getting your Aunt Margie to join you in your business, who signed up only because she wants to make you happy.

Think about it, if you know a 100 people, who all know 100 people, you can potentially be the go-to-guy/girl for whatever your business is for that circle of 10,000 people.

Here is an example of what you might say to your Aunt Margie at the family Thanksgiving dinner:

Your aunt Margie says, “well hello there sweety pie, what’s new with you?”

And you reply,”Hi aunt Margie, I’m running my own home based business where we provide services and widgets for people looking for reliable services and widgets. Will you do me a small favor to help me out?

Aunt Margie answers, “Sure honey, what can I do for you?”

And you say, “If you ever come across anyone that is looking for services and widgets, give them my number, direct them to my website, and give them my card”. (Hand aunt Margie a few of your business cards to give out.)

Margie says, “of course I will, in fact, I was just talking with Bertha over at the salon on Tuesday and she mentioned she was looking for some new widgets, I’ll have her check out your website.”

Can you see how the simple request for referrals can be much easier and less awkward than trying to get someone to join you in your MLM business. People will be happy to help you out. I am always referring people I know to others when it comes up in conversation. For example, if someone needs a new roof done, I tell them to call up my roofer friend Bob, if someone needs a mortgage, I give them my mortgage guy Pat’s information. Word of mouth referrals happen all of the time and can be a very powerful way to grow your business.

Be proud of the business your are in, let everyone know, ask them to refer you if they ever come across someone looking for what you are providing. The family member or friend you informed about your business will probably go home and check out your website anyhow, if they are interested, they’ll let you know. This is a very simple and effective way of approaching your warm market. Remember, you don’t need them to join your business, but your do need their referrals, which are probably better to have anyway.

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