How Long Will It Take Until I Start Seeing Search Engine Traffic?

how to get search engine traffic

When Will Google Notice My Site?

Everyday new people are coming into the internet marketing world. Maybe the are involved in a network marketing business or maybe they just want to be an affiliate marketer, either way the concepts are the same. Basically, it all comes down to traffic. Getting visitors to your website is the main component when trying make money online.

There are many different ways to get traffic, for the purpose of this post I’m going to focus solely on search engine traffic, which is the best kind because it is completely free. I take that back, it is not completely free, search engine is free in regards to money, but you will pay for it with your time.

Getting search engine traffic is not easy and is not something that is going to happen overnight. I often see “newbies” that set up a site, and the first thing they do is focus on the cosmetic appearance of the site. They spend hours creating a fancy looking header and creating nice looking images so their site looks nice. This is the wrong way to go about it. The cosmetic look of your website does not really matter at first because you are not getting any traffic. You can always change the look little by little as time goes by.

When launching a new site, the focus should be on traffic generating tasks such as adding new content on a regular basis. When I launch a new site, I focus on adding new blog posts for the first few months. After I see I’m getting some traffic, I then start to customize the look of the site, and add my offers and opt in boxes. Most people go about it the wrong way, the worry about the look of the site before they are even getting any traffic.

In my opinion and from my experience, my best recommendation is to set yourself a schedule to add new blog posts, and stick to it. If you plan on adding 5 new blog posts a weeks, stick to it. Also, don’t add 10 new blog posts in one day, then take the month off. The search engines like to see new content added on a regular basis.

Be patient. Getting traffic takes time, don’t expect people to flock to your site the first week, month,or even six months you have it up. Expect to not see many visitor for awhile. This is just part of the process. Stay focused on adding new and valuable content, and over the course of time your content will grow and grow, and so will you traffic. I think many people give up way to soon. A few months go by and they aren’t seeing any traffic, so they get discouraged and give up. They key is to stay on course while the others are giving up.

The things I’ve talked in this post are the very basics, there is much more to getting traffic that can not be talked about in just one post. There is keyword research, keyword competition, keyword density, backlinking, and many other variables that will play apart in how much traffic you get. But if you’re a newbie, following the advice I listed above will put you on the right track.

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