Instagram Ads

Want to see the actual post on Instagram? Remember, for some reason the “Learn More” button that directs people to my lead capture page is missing and only shows up on the actual ad:

Running Instagram ads is not required and not something that is for everyone. There are many successful Coaches that have never ran an ad and do no form of advertising. Running a successful/profitable  ad of any kind is challenging. When you start advertising, you’re getting into direct response marketing (which is a skill that needs to be learned.)

The best way to keep moving your business forward is to consistently be inviting. Invite people to take a look at the products, to your Challenge Groups, and to take a look at the business opportunity. Nothing can take the place of talking to people with enthusiasm and building relationships…This very important so I’ll write it again…Nothing can take the place of talking to people with enthusiasm and building relationships.

With that being said, if you get creative and are willing to spend a little bit of money, instagram ads can be an effective way to generate leads, new customers, and new Coaches.

Here are the tools I’m using and mention in the video above:

1.) Aweber – Test out Aweber for 30 days for FREE.

2.)  Leadpages – Easily create professional looking lead capture pages and “Thank You” pages with Leadpages. Being able to create your own lead capture pages anytime you want can be very powerful. If you come up with an idea, you can have a page and an ad up and running within a hour.

*Aweber and Leadpages intergrate with one another.

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