What is the PURPOSE of your blog/website?

Most people think that the purpose of setting up a website or blog is so people will find your site, and then buy something. (Which would be great, but unfortunately 99% of the time it doesn’t work out that way.)

Generating sales is NOT the goal. In the video below I explain what the goal should be…

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The goal IS to generate leads. The vast majority of your website visitors will not be ready to make a buying decision once they land on your website. They are most likely there for research.

This is why you MUST have a way to follow up your visitors…It’s all about the follow up.

When building an email list, you are building an actual asset. Being able to type up an email and send it out to your entire list is powerful.

Screenshow Of My Aweber Account

Screenshot Of My Aweber Account

You can see from the screenshot above of my own aweber account, my email list is currently at 9,753. Which means anytime I have a special offer, or just want to communicate with my list, I simply type up an email…and click “SEND” and BOOM…my email goes out to nearly 10,000 people…that’s powerful!

And remember, my email list started at ZERO. Many people are reluctant to use this tool because they “don’t have a list” yet…Well DUH, that’s because you didn’t start building one yet.

The point I’m trying to make is…you want to make generating leads the goal of your website. Once you’ve generated a lead, you can follow up and build a relationship with your list.

A great tool for this is Aweber.

Click Here to try it out for FREE for 30 days!