Day 3 – Beachbody Gives Coaches FREE Customers!

One of many reasons Beachbody is in a league of their own in the home based business world is because they are the only company that is able to literally hand out customers to their distributors.

The infomercials you see on TV actually benefit the Coaches, because they create leads FOR THE COACHES!

Beachbody is spending millions of dollars a year on producing these infomercials, and for the air time…and it’s creating brand awareness (which makes the products much easier to sell) and leads for the Coaches…It’s a pretty awesome concept!

(*Important note – There are a few small requirements Coaches must meet in order to qualify for the Customer Lead Program, but these requirements are a good thing. Having these requirements prevents any Joe Schmoe, who is expecting something for nothing, from signing up and reaping the rewards without putting in any effort. This means MORE leads for those that are putting in effort. The Customer Lead Program simply rewards those that are showing they are taking their business seriously and have reached a small milestone in their business.)