How To Set Up Your Hosting Account


Click Here To Set Up Your Hosting Account!

The Next Step – After your hosting account is set up, send me a facebook message (by clicking here) letting me know and I’ll send you these 5 Bonus Videos!

  • Video 1 – How to install WordPress and get your website up and running. This is super simple, literally just a few clicks.
  • Video 2 – Getting started right, how to add content, new posts, new pages, images, selecting a theme, and general tips.
  • Video 3 – Not sure what to write about or what kind of content to share? This simple trick will help.
  • Video 4 – Search Engine Optimization Checklist – How to write and structure your content for the best chances of showing up on google search results.
  • Video 5 – The “REAL” purpose of your website/blog. (Most people get this wrong.)

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