My First Blog Post On My New Online Marketing Training Blog

Online Marketing Training

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This is the first post on my brand new blog. This blog is going to be about everything related to marketing online. The methods I will talk about will mostly apply to home based business owners, but brick and mortar businesses will also be able to use the same methods to generate more leads and customers as well.

Some of the topics I plan on writing about are network marketing, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing. I will basically be talking about anything related to internet marketing in general. Things are constantly changing in the digital world and I will discuss what is working and provide reviews on any new products that come out that I am able to try out.

A will also be talking about search engine optimization. There is always some kind of new buzz, or new secret method that is being talked about and I will discuss SEO methods, what works, what doesn’t. I’m not a SEO expert, but I have had some success getting my sites ranked on the first page of google, and I think I know the basics of what works and what doesn’t. The most common mistake people make with SEO is that they over think it. People want results too fast and are always looking for secret or magic methods that just don’t exist. The formula to SEO is actually pretty simple, it just takes constant work and patience, it’s impossible to get on the first page of google overnight for a competitive word or phrase.

So that basically the topic of this blog will be internet marketing, which involves driving traffic to your sites with the purpose of generating leads and customers. There will also be some selling and marketing techniques discussed, as these things can be kind of complicated and often overlooked.

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