You could chop a tree down with hammer, but it would probably take you 30 days to do it…


With a saw, it would take you 30 minutes.


When it comes to generating leads online and building a list, a lead capture page and autoresponder IS your “saw”…


Let me explain…


For example, let’s say I’m generating 10 leads a day, and follow up with a daily email to each lead.


(*Quick tip…1 email a day may seem like overkill…but it’s effective)


Over the course of 10 days, that would add up to 100 leads, and over 1000 emails being sent out!




Could you imagine sending out 1000 emails over the course of 10 days, one by one?


Even if you copied and pasted that would take forever and a day….


PLUS, it’d be nearly impossible to keep track of each lead and which email to send out on what day…my mind gets fuzzy just trying think about what it would take to try and do it all manually.


Now picture this….


Imagine writing an email once, and having it go out on autopilot, to hundreds, even thousands of people.


And…my example above is just for 10 days, at 10 leads a day. Over time, and as you start to generate more leads per day, all of your numbers start to go up and up.


The concept behind a lead capture page is really the beginning of understanding internet marketing, building a list, and how your list is an actual asset that you OWN…


Think about this, how much would you pay someone to monitor your email inbox, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and immediately reply to all of your incoming leads. And then keep track of your leads, and follow up on a set schedule and consistent basis?


Because this is what an autoresponder does for you.


Do you want to learn how to set up your own lead capture page?


Here are the 2 tools I use and recommend:

1.) Aweber – Test out Aweber for FREE for 30 days!

2.) Leadpages – Easily create professional looking lead capture pages and “Thank You” pages with Leadpages. Being able to create your own lead capture pages anytime you want can be very powerful. If you come up with an idea, you can have a page and an ad up and running within a hour.

*Aweber and Leadpages integrate with one another.


If you don’t fully understand know what a lead capture page is, or why you would need one, check out my free 14 page pdf report at the link below. It explains everything you need to know and I’m certain you will have a few “AHA” moments while reading it. This the same report that others have happily paid $19.95 for. As a gift, I’m giving it to you completely for free!