Buying Someone’s Way Into You MLM

pay for someone to join my business

Never Pay For Someone to Join Your Business

I’m going to get right to the point. You should never, under any circumstances, pay for someone’s start up into your networking marketing business. The is a newbie mistake and I’ve often seen newbies in the industry offering to “pay your way in”.

There is really no reason to ever pay someone’s start up fee into your network marketing business, if you do this you might as well just flush your money down the toilet. At least that way you could turn it into a cool youtube video or something. If someone doesn’t have the money to get started, which is normally a very small amount, the chances are almost 100% that they will not be of any value to you and your business. With no money invested, they have absolutely nothing to lose and will not take the business seriously.

There will be people who ask to have their start up fee paid for, and then promise to go out and sponsor 50 people into the business, and sell 100 orders of whatever product it is that you are selling. As a newbie you will be eager to get someone enrolled in your business, and this will all sound good, but don’t make the mistake and fall for this person’s promises, you will just be disappointed.

There is a low start up fee to get enrolled in any business, this is just how it works and is the cost of doing business. If someone doesn’t want to pay the start up fee, forget about them and move on to the next person. The fact of the matter is if someone is genuinely interested and serious in joining you and your business opportunity, they will find a way to pay for the start up costs.

In general, I already think the start up costs are already too low for most businesses. The low sign up fees attract the wrong kind of people, which are people looking for quick cash or some kind of get rich quick scheme. These people sign up, and expect money to fall from the sky into their lap. When they realize that real work and effort is involved, they end up quitting and it is a waste of their own time and their sponsors time.  I also think that with little money invested, people don’t treat the business as seriously as if they had invested $10,000 to $100,000 to get started. When someone has something to lose they will usually do anything and everything they can make make their business work. Because the risk is so low in the network  marketing industry, people typically give minimal effort and don’t succeed. Then these same people blame their upline, blame the company, blame the entire industry in general, and blame everything except for the real cause, which is themselves.

The bottom line is…don’t ever pay someone’s way into you business, you’ll end up regretting it.

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