How To Start Your Beachbody Business Better Than 99% Of All Other Coaches

*Update – The customer lead program has recently changed since I made this video. In order to qualify for the customer lead program, a Coach has to an Emerald Coach (or above), and qualify for Success Club 5 for the month. Each month start a new qualifying period.

(Watch the video above BEFORE you read on…)

Scared to make that phone call?

At least reach out through an email, private message, or text message. (Just know that a phone call will ALWAYS produce better results.)

Action Steps:

Step 1: Pull out paper and pen and write out your “Hot Market” list of 10 – 20 people. (Hot Market is defined in the video above.)

Step 2: Call them using the script, or your own variation of the script from the video.

Scared to make the phone call?….Don’t be…step out of your comfort zone.

If making the phone call is completely out of the question, sending an email is an option, but your results will not be as good.

Email Script: (Similar to what is in the video. You can copy it word for word, or feel free to edit it to your own personality.)

Subject Line: I Need Your Support?

[Begin Email}

Hi Aunt Suzy!

I hope all is well, I’m looking forward to seeing you and Uncle Joe on Thanksgiving in a few weeks. 

The reason I’m writing you is to ask you for your help and support. 

I’ve gotten involved in a business that I’m super excited about. 

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to join me and I’m not asking you to be a life-long customer. But I am asking for your help. 

I would like you to try Beachbody On Demand (21 Day Fix, T25, P90x3, Body Beast, or whatever program you think will be the best fit for them) and Shakeology for 30 days. If you love it, great, you can become my preferred customer. If you don’t, no problem, you never have to try it again. You’ll also be able to get your money back because all of our products come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and I won’t be offended if you take advantage of that guarantee. 

All I’m asking is that you try it for 30 days and let me know what you think. 

Can I count on you?

[End Email]

Send out the email, and then wait for a response. It’s a good idea to also send a text message. Something along the lines of, “Hey Aunt Suzy, I just sent you over an email, check it out and shoot me back a reply when you get a chance.”

Now depending on the response you get, you’ll want to share one of these links, or all of them and let the person decide how they’d like to support you. My recommendation depends on the specific situation. I’d first share a link to get signed up as a Coach and order a Challenge Pack, or just a link to order a Challenge.

it may also be a good idea to night share the “Create a Free Team Beachbody account link until later as a last resort.

Remember, you want to advance in rank to Emerald, but on a certain level is doesn’t make sense to sponsor a new Coach into the business if they have no interest in working the business. (Unless it’s a spouse.)

Response Ideas:

(In all of the links below, be sure to replace “xxxxxx” with your Coach ID.

[Email Begin]

Great Aunt Suzy, I appreciate your help and am certain you’ll be happy with the results you get. 

Here are the different ways you can support me. Just click on the link and follow the instructions:

Recommended – Help me advance in rank by also signing up to get a 25% discount on all of your future purchases:

Option 2 – Order Your 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack:

Option 3 – Just want the “Healthiest Meal Of The Day”:

Option 4 – Try out Beachbody On-Demand FREE:

Option 5 – Create a Free Team Beachbody Account:

Let me know which option you decide on. 


[Email End]

Remember, this approach is for your “Hot Market” only. You are basically asking for their support.

Think of it the same as if you opened up a pizza restaurant. If you opened up a pizza restaurant, you’d invite everyone that you know to come by and try out a slice.

They’d show up, have some pizza, and if they liked it they would come back for more. If they didn’t like they probably wouldn’t come back.

Either way, they are happy to show up and support you.

Treat your Beachbody business with this same mentality.

Below is a message from one of my previous posts in our facebook Team group:

***A Different Approach For Close Friends & Family***

For close friends and family, instead of trying to “sell” them, ask for their support.

The definition of family & friends are people who support you, lift you up, and help you in whatever you need.

When you start a business, then YES, of course they should help you.

If you were to open up a restaurant, jewelry shop, clothing line, they better get their butt in the door and buy something from you, and YES they better get on all the review sites and tell the world your stuff ROCKS!

You would do the same for them and their new business right?

But, you can go about this the wrong way.

DO NOT pitch your family & friends like you would a stranger or cold prospect. Don’t try to get them in your business by selling them. Get
them in your business by asking for their support!


Hey friend (name), “I just started a business & I am so excited. I am not asking you to join it or anything like that. I just need your support for a month. I need you to buy a month supply of my products… or I just need you to purchase a month of my digital membership site… and give me your testimonial on your experience. With your awesome testimonial, I will be able to market my product/service way better! So will you help me?”

See the difference?

YES you are kind of backing them into a wall by NOT giving them a choice to say NO,, but hey, THAT’S RELATIONSHIPS. If you have a good one, YOU WILL do anything for each other.

And you should be doing the exact same thing for them, if the roles were reversed!

You don’t pitch them on how much weight they will lose, or how much money they could make by joining the business.

You just ask for their support…they WILL want to help you.

There’s a good chance they’ll get amazing results and end up thanking YOU.